About CMEF (Court Martial Experts Finder)

Within a day to a week, CMEF (Court Martial Expert Finder) will provide you with the right expert for your court-martial.
CMEF was started by a physician who has enjoyed serving as an expert witness in military court-martials, who observed a problem that exists in the current system, namely expert talent sourcing.
The wheel is recreated for each case when military attorneys turn to available public expert listings, where experts pay (a lot) for their listing. The problem with this approach is that this method screens for “pay for opinion” experts, also known as “what do you want me to say” experts. Having done prior court martials becomes the paramount consideration for doing future court martials, rather than the honesty, accuracy, and talent of a given expert.
The most honest professionals to be expert witnesses are those who are “best-kept-secrets.” They are not found on public lists. They do not have any elaborate marketing budget for advertising their services as experts.
The fate of our military personnel/accused rests on having experts on both sides who are honest. This is an important issue.
With great diligence over the last decade, we have assembled (and continue to assemble) expert talent who are bona fide good characters, who are in consulting for the right reasons – they really want to make a positive difference. Many trained at Harvard, Yale, and Columbia, Johns Hopkins, Mass General, and other esteemed institutions. You can’t find them on publicly available expert listings. These experts are best-kept secrets.
We constantly are identifying and adding new talent to our arsenal and we have now almost 1000 experts in all pertinent areas. If for some reason we do not have the perfect fit for your case, we have a great team of recruiters who will proffer a CV for your consideration within 1 day to a maximum of 1 week.

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