Court Martial Experts Finder

because our soldiers deserve better experts

About CMEF (Court Martial Experts Finder)

Within a day to a week, CMEF (Court Martial Expert Finder) will provide you with the right expert for your court-martial.
CMEF was started by a physician who has enjoyed serving as an expert witness in military court-martials, who observed a problem that exists in the current system, namely expert talent sourcing.
Often, the wheel is recreated for each case when the attorney must turning to publically available expert listings. Experts pay a lot to market themselves through these listings. The problem with this approach is that probably 95% of experts on that list are “pay for opinion,” also known as “what do you want me to say” experts.

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For Further Inquiries

We are happy to speak further regarding the CMEF mission or reach our M.D. Physician Intake Consultant for expert talent acquisition regarding your upcoming case.
CMEF hotline: 646-303-3125
CMEF Exec Assistant line: 833-588-2886